About Me

My name is Simon Harris

I'm a programmer, and that's taken a few forms over the years. Mostly creative development and sometimes web apps. I see coding as a tool for me to express my ideas more than a passion I have directly.

I like people that make things.

I also have other interests. I like to explore ideas, talk about the big and small things, I've made and sold raytraced art, synthesized a novel compound, sold WordPress themes, made generative art for IBM+Wimbledon, got a Masters degree in pharmaceutical chemistry, died, built a rendering engine, backpacked Europe, run about 100 DnD games, briefly held a speedrunning world record and started hundreds of projects no-one will ever see.

We could have a good chat if any of these terms interest you:
Mindful productivity and entrepreneurship, Tools for thought, Javascript, The web as a platform, Generative art, Organic chemistry, Illustration, Effectively sharing knowledge, The future of coding, Countryside culture, The philosophy of science. That kind of thing

Why I made a blog

I have been searching for a method of self-expression for a while. I built this as a place to 'think in public', away from the algorithmic timeline. I hope over time as I build this blog it becomes a digital reflection of me, and people can visit here to get a sense of who I am.

In short, I want to meet people. Connect with people who think like me, or who don't and can challenge what I write. I work at home and live in the countryside so don't meet any people like me IRL.

Do not hesitate to get in contact. You can find me @SimonHarrisCo on Twitter or email me me@simonharris.co